5 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Well During Cold and Flu Season

Ok, so this isn’t a conversation I don’t have ALL the time! In my mommy groups or wellness groups, we chat about this ALOT! First, it is flu shot or no flu shot ( not a place to debate about it here), then what to do in the event something arises? Let’s first of all be honest, our kids and family are bound to get sick each year. It just happens, especially if your young ones go to daycare or are in school. So, once we get over that realization, what can we do to move on?


This past year, I have really embraced using food for medicine and taking a stance in my family’s health. Before when we got a cold or virus, I was one that said, there isn’t much we can do but let it take its course. HOWEVER, I stand firm to say that we can do a few things to help support a healthy immune system for our family. So today I would like to share with you, as both a Dietitian AND mother, about what we can do for our families by sharing with all of you what I am doing in my own house.


First off.

1. Hand Washing – Yes we all know how important this is! But how easy is it to forget to do it sometimes, especially at home? We have made this easy for both our four and one year old to easy do by their self if needed. All we need is some a stool, warm water, soap and towel. If your kids are like mine, they don’t need a reason to play in water.

2. Essential Oils – I am VERY new to the essential oil world. We started out using them last spring in hopes to get our daughter to sleep better, by filling her room with a calming aroma of lavender. This year we stepped up our game and got some Thieves to help with any “threats” to their immunity. A great friend introduced us to this one and it seems to be quiet effective. We diffuse it a couple of times a week and I apply it daily to their feet / spine via roller ball of ( diluted) oil and avocado oil. The have became quiet fond of this.

3. Vitamins – yes! take your vitamins lol. That was sort of a joke. But really. I wasn’t always huge into them until becoming a parent. Go figure. After listening to a few Functional Doctors that I really respect, I thought that I would increase the vitamins they were taking ( daily multi vitamin) by adding in more Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D3. This can help support a healthy immune system, but in the event that they do get sick it can help lessen the time and severity of the illness. As a parent I know, that my kids don’t always eat 100% and this just makes me feel safer that they are getting what they need to be healthy.

4. Echinacea – This herb has been around forever and you prolly have heard of it a time or two. Going back to number 3, we found an immune support vitamin that had this in it as well. This herb has been said to help with improving the immune system and reduces many symptoms if you do actually get sick.

5. Exposure – As hard as the winters can be here where we live in Northern Michigan, and  one can develop cabin fever REAL quick in the winter. I have been trying to keep my kids home as much as possible. This means limiting exposure to the nursery at church, play groups, etc. I know that this isn’t possible for all of us. So if you can’t limit where they are going, my next suggestion would be to make sure that they are getting adequate sleep. This was their bodies have enough time to rid any floating substances that in their body that may cause them to get sick.


So what about you parents? What are you to do? My husband and I have been doing the same, in addition, we strive to make sure that we are getting enough SLEEP, WATER and Green Veggies. As these all can really help with your overall health. But that is a topic for a post another day.

How have things been at your house this Cold / Flu season? What have you done to help with it? I would love to hear from you, you can let me know over on Instagram or Facebook where you will see me mostly.


Cheers to Healthy Living,

Priscilla Marie, MS, RD

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