3 Easy Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Holiday mindful eating

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching us. This happens to not be the time for us to FALL off our healthy living train. This is so easy to do with all the Holiday party gatherings. In efforts to still enjoy the Holiday but to be more mindful of the foods we feed our body. I have came up with 3  of my favorite mindful eating tips to share with you.


Over the past few months I have been learning more about mindful eating for personal reasons. I have then been able to share this knowledge with others in my monthly wellness event groups. A quick introduction about mindful eating is basically getting rid of the diet mentality and fostering a healthy relationship with food while listening to what our body really needs. Personally for me, this was to learn how to listen to my hunger  cues to better control my mindless snacking. In doing so, I was able to drop pounds more quickly, increase my energy and improve my relationship with food.



Mindful eating tips for the holidays .

1. Don’t skip meals or go light- A lot of times when we know we have a special engagement like a Holiday party we will skip a meal or eat a light meal during the day prior to the party. We do this because we want to save calories/room for later on. The fasting that you do sends your body into preserve mode because it’s not getting the nutrients and energy it needs. When we finally consume those calories our body will store it as fat instead of using it all for energy. It does this because it’s thinking back to that time when it was going without. Since our body doesn’t know if this will happen again soon, probably if we are a chronic dieter.  A tip would be to eat your sensible meals throughout the day, maybe do a salad with healthy fats and proteins if you don’t think there will be many vegetable options later on. This way you won’t arrive starving and you will be able to make more sound choices of food and also giving your body the signal that it will be supplied a steady stream of nutrients.
2. Don’t say NO to desserts – A lot of the time we forbid ourselves before we attend a part from eating any sweets. But when we get there all we can do is stare at the dessert table. A few cocktails later and all our willpower is gone and then there goes the consumption of cookies, pie and cake balls. In order to reverse this pitfall we should change our mindset. We should tell ourself that yes if Aunt Barb has her famous peanut butter pie (or whatever it is that you fancy) at the family holiday party, I will enjoy a nice slice. Going in with this mentality, you will more likely choose a plate of balanced foods and you will then truly enjoy that pie. Getting rid of that prohibiting mentality will take that craving urge down so much.
3. Rest and Hydration – Two common factors that can cause us to eat more and/or make us make poorer food choices is lack of sleep and dehydration. Getting enough quality sleep is important. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Another important part is hydration. Drinking plenty of water helps with many daily bodily functions. The lack of either or both of the things can lead to overeating and poorer food choices like processed and high sugar foods. Tracking your sleeping patterns and water intake for a week is a great way to see the area you may need improvement in.

These are my mindful tips for the holidays. The holidays should be focused on sharing time with friends and family foremost before centering it totally around food. Shifting our mentality about our food can help us make wiser  food choice. Choices that will help us stay on track during the Holiday season, so that way we aren’t starting from square one come January 1st.


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