Postpartum Fitness Journey – Part 1

If you are a mother you would possibly agree that a fitness journey pre and post baby is quite different. Pre baby it’s all about looking great in that bikini coming summer time, post baby it’s all about rocking that tankini. Ok, not really, for me my postpartum fitness journey has been more about inner health and outer strength. In this post you will hear about the first part of my fitness journey as well as some simple tips on how to start your own.

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The first part of my fitness journey started the Spring of 2014, a few months after I had my first child. Thank heavens for breastfeeding and good genes I didn’t have too many pounds to lose before meeting my pre-pregnancy weight. However, no one ever tells you that you can weight a certain amount before and after, yet your body looks and feels totally different. This is possibly the reasoning behind the amount of fat you gain and muscle you lose during pregnancy. Anyways.. Before kids I had belonged to a few gyms, enjoyed going for “runs” and doing the occasional workout video. I felt pretty uncomfortable going to the gym in that I really didn’t know what I was doing. That is why I mostly stuck to other kinds of workouts. After having my son, I needed to find something that was practical for my new life. Going to the gym was out, as it didn’t make sense to me to pay a sitter for an hour at the gym. It was spring here in Michigan so I couldn’t really travel outdoors with a new baby. What I needed was something quick and effective. This is when I stumbled upon my first golden workout, Focus T 25. I could do this intense workout at home and I didn’t really need anything to do it. I found that it was best to do the workout in the morning during my sons first nap ( mama napped during his afternoon nap). I committed to the workout videos for 3 whole months. Never in my life had I seen results like I had from all the other methods of working out in my past. No joke.

As far as what I ate, I kept it sensible. I didn’t count calories, because that method never works for me personally, plus I was nursing and I didn’t want to change my supply any. I had found that simply by just making sure to get the right amount of servings of fruits and vegetables was enough to help me get to my desired weight, along with exercise.

If you are wondering how to start your fitness journey, these are some quick tips that I would encourage you to do first.

1. Break the Monday mentality What do I mean by this? How many times have we said to ourselves, ” Monday I will….” . I have personally fallen in that trap before. Typically, we set out to accomplish huge life changes that seldom works out in the end. The key is to do things gradual. Start out with small changes. They will make the biggest long-term impact.

2. Find something you love – If the word “exercise” gives you the chills, then just think of it as movement. Find something that gets your body moving that you actual like. It can be as simple as playing racquetball or going for a hike with the dog. Once we find something that we like it is easier to build on that.

3. Get a support system – Join local clubs that are of interest to you. There are also lots of online communities that are available too. Having someone to help you along your fitness journey can make all the difference. I even offer a free women’s Facebook group where we share recipes, fitness tips and provide support to each other. Fill free to join us.


If you are struggling to figure out where you should start in your health journey. I would love to help point you in the right direction. Just send me a quick message and we can start this together. I know personally that I wouldn’t be where I was today without the help and encouragement of others.

Cheers to Healthy Living,

Priscilla Marie, MS, RD

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